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Rise of the Killer Robots

Is the world destined to embrace a self-fulfilling prophecy that finds us sealing our own fate, making a deadly pact with soldier robots that will eventually turn on their own masters? According to this report at Democracy Now, we’re already much closer than you might think. Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams is joining with Human [...]

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John Lennon's Close Encounter

The first single from John Lennon’s posthumously released 1984 album Milk and Honey, “Nobody Told Me” is a great little tune that contains a very interesting line. Produced by John and Yoko, the record – and especially this single with it’s retro vocal echo effects – reminds me of Lennon’s best work with Phil Spector, [...]

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House of the Devil

This 1970 documentary film by Ray Laurent profiles the Church of Satan and its founder, Anton LaVey. Satanis: The Devil’s Mass features footage of church rituals, interviews with church members and, of course, plenty of LaVey monologues, explaining what Satanic philosophy is all about. We hear some of LaVey’s spooky organ playing and get a [...]

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George Jefferson: Acid King

Hey y’all, I was sad to hear about the passing of Sherman Hemsley earlier this week. The Jeffersons was a progressive, challenging show and Hemsley’s George Jefferson came off as a kind of black Archie Bunker, always at odds with his circumstances, never knowing when to keep his mouth shut. I preferred Good Times to [...]

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Umberto Eco VS The Blackshirts

We decided not to record another episode of CCN today as a few of the regulars were feeling under the weather and the rest of us are really good at giving up easily. With that in mind I felt the least I could do was post another blog missive that’s generally related to some of [...]

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When they report this weekend’s box office receipts, I’m sure I’ll be among a throng of folks who went to the theater this weekend to see Ridley Scott’s new Alien-prequel-of-a-kind Prometheus. No spoilers, no in-depth autopsy, I’d just like to share a few strengths and weaknesses I took away from the film. On the plus [...]

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Coincidence Control Network: Episode the 22nd

Here we go again! It’s time for this week’s installment of the Coincidence Control Network podcast! This week Nicholas Pell, Ken Eakins, Kim Monaghan and myself apply our collective insight to the pointed examining of: The Balsa Wood Titanic, The Phantom of Winnipeg, May Day and Occupy’s Second Wave, Kim’s Favorite Bedtime Story, the Dark [...]

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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, y’all! I picked this video to celebrate the day with you Brit readers in mind. I love this period for Dylan because it’s so over the top and the arrangements are beginning to become the unrecognizable translations that Dylan has since become infamous for. One reason for this style is Dylan’s inclusion [...]

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Coincidence Control Network, Episode the 17th

Good day, all. Here is the latest installment of Coincidence Control Network! This week: Sneaky secret space planes, Puerto Rico – the Jersey of the USA, See ya later Masturbator, Stop Everything. The World Is Complete, Time-travel suicide, Parents threaten their unborn children, Sex-starved bar-flies, Space diving, Holes, and Atheist cartoons. Here it is – [...]

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The Bad Book

Hey everybody, Keeping with our recent, fiery themes, I’d like to submit yet another video about the Prince of Darkness. This is a flick I bookmarked last year, but never got around to posting on Insomnia. A little while ago this same doc surfaced on Forbidden Knowledge T.V. Great minds think alike and readers who [...]

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