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Alien Report

So I wanted to reflect on a paranormal anniversary for this post before I realized there was a current story that dovetailed perfectly with it: 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting which marks the beginning of the modern UFO era. Right on time, pranksters are calling up Donald Trump’s new “alien” [...]

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Antarctica’s Nazi UFOs

Over the long weekend I happened upon a New York Post article talking about a massive anomaly discovered beneath the ice in the Antarctic. It turns out that scientists think it’s a huge asteroid that might change our view of the history of the planet. Here’s a bit… Some researchers believe it is the remains [...]

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Liquid Sky

The great hero of the 1982 cult film Liquid Sky is Anne Carlisle: Carlisle co-wrote the screenplay, plays both the male and female fashion model leads in the film, and even authored the movie’s novelization. The flick actually did well on the festival circuit after debuting in Montreal, and according to Wikipedia it was the [...]

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Revisiting Roswell

I think the J.F.K. assassination is probably the biggest conspiracy theory of all time, and it’s probably still the one that acts as the gateway for most folks who wander the mazes of the unexplained, the unknown and the covered-up. The Roswell Incident is probably a close second contender overall and it remains the king [...]

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Prophecy Fail

We hear the term “cognitive dissonance” thrown around a lot, but the phrase is often misapplied. It’s easy to understand what CD means when you know the strange story behind the origin of the phrase. Here’s the skinny from Slate… The most famous study into doomsday mix-ups was published in a 1956 book by renowned [...]

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Farrakhan Warns of U.F.O. Attack

I first reported on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s UFO eschatology way back in Coincidence Control Network: Episode 2. For the uninitiated, Farrakhan claims to believe that there is an extraterrestrial (kind of) Mother Wheel or Mother Plane that is preparing to rain destruction down on white America if the U.S. doesn’t straighten its [...]

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French UFO Turns 33

33 years ago, in January of 1981, a French farmer named Renato Nicola├» heard a whistling sound while working outside — that was right before a UFO landed right in front of him. Here’s Renato’s take… Can I Get a Witness? “My attention was drawn to a small noise, a kind of little whistling. I [...]

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John Lennon's Close Encounter

The first single from John Lennon’s posthumously released 1984 album Milk and Honey, “Nobody Told Me” is a great little tune that contains a very interesting line. Produced by John and Yoko, the record – and especially this single with it’s retro vocal echo effects – reminds me of Lennon’s best work with Phil Spector, [...]

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