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Baffling Bosch

Contemporary artists are caught between two cruel poles that simultaneously demand startling originality while declaring “It’s all been done before.” The study of art history is rather like playing with a Russian doll: separating artists and movements contained within the influences of other artists and influences ad nauseam. Most artists and creative schools necessarily build [...]

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Alchemy, the Occult and Black Swan

Welcome, welcome. Received a strange knock on my afternoon door earlier this week, followed by the sound of something hitting the wood floor in the hallway and hurried footsteps fading down the stairs. Opening the door, a large white envelope stared up at me, the unblinking red postmark stamp as omniscient as the eye of [...]

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Terence McKenna Channels John Dee

Good morn, good readers. I woke early to a cloudy Sunday in the Old South, however, this dark little gem has polished my resolve. Wrap yourself in melancholy and join Terence McKenna for this trip through the history of The Great Work. Terence McKenna’s The Alchemical Dream: Rebirth of the Great Work is a 2008 [...]

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