Nine New Dead Sea Scrolls

Scholars have discovered nine new Dead Sea Scrolls that had been overlooked during the discovery of the documents in Qumran in the 1950′s. Part of the reason for the oversight might be the diminutive sizes of these new finds. Times of Israel explains: Phylacteries, known in Judaism by the Hebrew term¬†tefillin,¬†are pairs of leather cases [...]

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Suburbia Disturbia

What what, yo? In 1980′s America, a new conservatism swept the land: Ronald Reagan became president; the AIDS crisis undermined the sexual revolution; even saddle shoes and penny loafers made a comeback. While the revelation of a new religious right as a political power didn’t dawn until the election of George H.W. Bush in 1988, [...]

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The Devil Made Me Post It

What up, yo? Hope you all had one devil of a weekend. Speaking of the horned one, our good friends over at Forbidden Knowledge T.V. have been turning up a lot of really good, full length offerings lately. Nowadays, I find myself bookmarking the site like crazy trying to keep up with all of the [...]

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Who's Lying About Iran and the Bomb?

Hello friends and lovers, Clearly, I’m not someone to pay a lot of attention to mainstream media. I don’t have television and I obviously spend a lot of time seeking out odd sources of information. That said, I like to listen to radio at night and in the morning and lately all I’m hearing about [...]

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Send Me an Angel

The good people at Destiny Books/Inner Traditions recently sent on a new volume that finds some of magic’s most mysterious writings collected in one book for the very first time. With Decoding the Enochian Secrets: God’s Most Holy Book to Mankind as Received by Dr. John Dee from Angelic Messengers, author John DeSalvo, Ph.D. offers [...]

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Terence McKenna Channels John Dee

Good morn, good readers. I woke early to a cloudy Sunday in the Old South, however, this dark little gem has polished my resolve. Wrap yourself in melancholy and join Terence McKenna for this trip through the history of The Great Work. Terence McKenna’s The Alchemical Dream: Rebirth of the Great Work is a 2008 [...]

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Teeth Baby

The herd of gazelle charges through my living room; all snort and grunt and gallop and black horns swaying above white-panicked eyes. I can smell that cheetah smell: bad news and spotted speed. A small calf strays in the back, passed the coffee table, towards the kitchen, away from the crowded safety of the herd. [...]

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Where Does True Freedom Lie – Consequence and Necessity

Ahoymatey! Welcome aboard the good ship gollywog! Morning in the Old South. You can smell the smell of people smelling for the smell of the the idea of magnolias in bloom. Not yet children. One should not be impatient with the Sun. PUCK 42 Thou speak’st aright; 43 I am that merry wanderer of the [...]

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