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Bob’s Bible

Talking to a friend today the subject of Dylan’s born again music came up. Even Dylan fans will dismiss Bob’s so-called Christian period which roughly spans the late 1970′s through the early 1980′s. But, here’s the thing: those records are all great discs full of classic songs. Why do so many miss the treasure? I [...]

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Amerikan Apocalypse

Religion is all fun and games until someone takes their mythology too literally and then takes it to the squad car, the pulpit or the White House. It’s fun to make fun of fundamentalism, but when it comes to The Apocalypse, these playas ain’t playin’. The Daily Beast has the bad news… It’s the end [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from William S. Burroughs

Thanksgiving is an important day: It marks the beginning of the traditional holiday season for most white, Christian Americans and it reminds all citizens of when we first began to call this land our home. These events have importance in and of themselves and should not be dismissed. However, the world is a more complicated [...]

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