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Pooh S.S.R.

Lately it feels like we’re heading back into some kind of full on Cold War II with Russia or WWIII with Russia or some slimy partnership with Putin involving Russian mobsters, bad debts, shirtless badminton, a vodka haze, a Volga fog, some leaked emails and a pizzagate golden shower. Whatever the future holds between our [...]

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Mad Monk Memories

Whenever I come up short on something to post I almost always check to see what Ezra’s found for {R}emnants. I don’t think he’s ever left me empty handed. The other day he flipped us this fascinating New Statesmen article about a new book remembering Rasputin — the enigmatic Mad Monk died 100 years ago [...]

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Banned in Russia

Growing up during the second half of the Cold War, when I was a child the Soviet Union was notable for two reasons: nuclear weapons and censorship. That’s about all I really knew: the Russians and citizens of their satellites can’t read or watch or print what they want. Also they have enough warheads to [...]

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Amerikan Apocalypse

Religion is all fun and games until someone takes their mythology too literally and then takes it to the squad car, the pulpit or the White House. It’s fun to make fun of fundamentalism, but when it comes to The Apocalypse, these playas ain’t playin’. The Daily Beast has the bad news… It’s the end [...]

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A Punk Prayer

As any fan of the Coincidence Control Network knows, we’ve been following the Pussy Riot story very closely since the band/action art collective’s infamous performance at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior on February 21, 2012. Although the podcast has committed itself to being a weekly at this point, we’ve experienced a number of technical [...]

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