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GoNY 15

When Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York debuted in 2002, I didn’t go to see it right away, and when I finally did I remember feeling like it seemed sort of silly, and that Cameron Diaz was terrible. Diaz is still a weak link for me, but a recent article on Medium got me interested [...]

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Rise of the Ape God

So just another Sunday night sitting down to get a post together for Monday morning when I stumble upon this science story that has researchers wondering if chimpanzees are worshiping a god in Guinea… The discovery defied explanation. A researcher studying chimpanzees in the savannahs of the Republic of Guinea was baffled by a strangely [...]

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Galileo: Science and Sorcery

Getting started on the blog a day late this week. Spent the day yesterday driving back to Nashville from a visit to Asheville, NC. We had a gloomy, but pretty-in-a-melancholy-way drive through the Smokies on Friday, but yesterday low temps and rain made it a pretty slow, tense drive, and didn’t leave a lot of [...]

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Sounds of Scientology

Religion is a lot of things, but most obviously we can distinguish one sect, order, school or institution from another through their trappings: robes, candles, books, paintings, statues, gestures, poses and music. Music is central to faiths all over the world – songs are emissaries of religious stories, time capsules of historical events and they [...]

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Prisoners of Gravity

Taking a break from our spooky October posts here at the end of the month — we’ll let today’s merrymaking bring its own hard-earned scares — here’s a great little show from Canadian television that I stumbled upon the other day. Prisoners of Gravity was an interview show disguised as a pirate broadcast, covering all [...]

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Isaac’s Apple

Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus, figured out the composition of light, and also gave us the laws of gravity and motion which just happened to govern the entire universe at the time of their revelations. Sir Isaac Newton is considered to be the father of modern science. He was also a sorcerer. This documentary follows [...]

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