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Back to the Future

When my Dad was reading OMNI magazine back in the 1980′s I was just a little kid. I didn’t know that it was published by Bob Guccione or that OMNI was a visionary science magazine that hit a sweet spot between inspired scientific speculation, imaginative short science fiction, and the cutting edge of technology and [...]

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Truly Hallucinating

Yesterday I posted about chimpanzees in Guinea who may be displaying certain worship behaviors involving ritualistic rock throwing and building little cairns out of stone all next to one particular tree. If you haven’t seen the post check it out and watch the video. The chimps might be in the throes of some mystical ecstasy, [...]

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Galileo: Science and Sorcery

Getting started on the blog a day late this week. Spent the day yesterday driving back to Nashville from a visit to Asheville, NC. We had a gloomy, but pretty-in-a-melancholy-way drive through the Smokies on Friday, but yesterday low temps and rain made it a pretty slow, tense drive, and didn’t leave a lot of [...]

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Flatliners at 25

Twenty five years ago a group of second wave brat packers starred as young doctors in what amounts to a Frankenstein story in reverse, where the living attempt to explore the realm of the dead without losing their lease on life. Of course, I’m talking about Flatliners. The film is sort of a cult classic [...]

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Science + Art = Symmetry

We often think of science and art as opposites that might never meet. In truth, the two have always had much in common and this new meeting of opera and particle physics demonstrates that we humans are at our best when our intellects and our imaginations combine and cooperate. The site for the new Symmetry [...]

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Stoned Science with Neil Degrasse Tyson

Scanning the news cycle this week, I’m mostly finding stories about marijuana legalization and science. As the national debate about liberating weed continues in states and communities around the country, I’m also discovering lots of fan and critic reviews about Neil Degrasse Tyson’s reboot of the Cosmos television series. The internet — Oh great crucible! [...]

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Aaron Diaz’ The Silmarillion

Artist Aaron Diaz’ Dresden Codak comic offers-up stories filled with science, philosophy and psychology that have won him the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards for Outstanding Use of Color and Outstanding Use of The Medium. The Dresden Codak site has been down all day, but the Diaz’ latest tweets assure his followers that he’s getting the [...]

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