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Discovered: Rosetta Stone

Some discoveries are so profound, their influence can impact culture on more levels than one. The discovery of the Rosetta Stone on July 19, 1799 decoded the Egyptian hieroglyphics — a written language that had been dead for 20 centuries. “Rosetta stone” also became a universal phrase used to describe the final, indispensable clue that [...]

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Visit The Pyramids With Sun Ra

Google Maps has just released a street view that invites you to virtually explore The Great Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx on digital foot among blurry-faced tourists who seem as curious about you (the Google eye) as they are about the presumably man-made wonders. Technology has elevated the experience of vicarious, imaginative tourism [...]

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Opium: A History

Tracing the roots of the opium poppy all the way back to its likely origins in Mesopotamia in 4000 BC, this episode of Addicted to Pleasure takes a look at the plant, it’s pharmaceutical derivatives and society’s ambivalent relationship with the substance. In its pure form, the milky sap of an opium poppy has been [...]

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