Forever Ornette

My first instrument was the saxophone. That instrument introduced me to performing music and if I hadn’t started playing my horn at the age of 11 I probably would have never started writing my own songs. I still love my saxophone. Even though my singer/songwriter output is balanced on my lyrics, playing the saxophone offers [...]

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Visit The Pyramids With Sun Ra

Google Maps has just released a street view that invites you to virtually explore The Great Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx on digital foot among blurry-faced tourists who seem as curious about you (the Google eye) as they are about the presumably man-made wonders. Technology has elevated the experience of vicarious, imaginative tourism [...]

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Echoes of Trane

On this day in 1967 we lost a giant of jazz. John Coltrane is a personal hero of mine. As a saxophonist I’ve always been enthralled by the instrument’s superlative ability to mimic the human voice and one is hard pressed to find any other horn man in jazz who exemplified the saxophone’s potential for [...]

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Sesame Street Hustle

Hello friends, Have you ever noticed that Oscar the Grouch looks like he’s made outta weed? Seriously. Of course, I don’t think this is intentional. Frank Oz probably had a run of the green shaggy stuff laying around and the rest is history. Along with groovy music and the kind of social awareness that came [...]

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Pod Monk No Zero

Greetings all and more again. Just a quick one this time. Thanks to everyone who has been messaging me regarding the Disinformation World News Podcast and The Wicked – the new CD I am in the middle of recording with Jean Paul Lilliston. A new Podcast should be up in a few weeks so go [...]

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