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Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

It’s only the 13th of December, but it felt like Christmas came early when I stumbled upon this Bandcamp guide to the Sun Ra selections that are available on the site. I had no idea there were so many Sun Ra albums available to stream and download through the independent music hub that many of [...]

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Sun Ra Christmas 2016

Well it’s starting to feel like the year is really winding down as we’re swinging into the last days before Christmas. If you are travelling be safe. If you are staying put be grateful and generous. Thanks to everybody who reads these rants and comments and shares them. Every time we interact over these peculiar [...]

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A Sun Ra Christmas

Hope everybody is enjoying their holidays with friends and family, safe travels, delicious food and the surprises that the season might bring. Speaking of surprises, it seems that Sun Ra celebrated Christmas. Here’s another surprise — he broadcast his celebration on the radio. Here’s the skinny from Open Culture… Everybody spreads holiday cheer in their [...]

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Visit The Pyramids With Sun Ra

Google Maps has just released a street view that invites you to virtually explore The Great Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx on digital foot among blurry-faced tourists who seem as curious about you (the Google eye) as they are about the presumably man-made wonders. Technology has elevated the experience of vicarious, imaginative tourism [...]

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Sun Ra Centenary

This year we celebrate the 100th birthday of the cosmic reign of the avant-garde jazz musician Sun Ra whose official birthday is celebrated on May 22. For those who know the man’s music, there is no need for an introduction here. For neophytes, here is a sampling of the story from the Sun Ra Arkestra’s [...]

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John Cage VS Sun Ra

Louis VS Schmeling, Ali VS Frazier, Tyson VS Holyfield — it’s rare to see two great heavyweights meet head-to-head. But that’s what happened in 1986 on Coney Island when two champions of avant garde music met for a less-than-bloody collaboration that found a pair of the world’s most out-there tunesmiths having a musical meet-up that [...]

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Sun Ra’s Cosmic Cult Film

One of the weirdest cult music movies of all time, Space is the Place (1974) is a fictional film written by Joshua Smith and composer, poet, keyboardist and cosmic philosopher Sun Ra. Born Herman Poole Blount in Birmingham, Alabama in 1914, Ra’s music ultimately found him following his muse all over the country from Chicago [...]

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