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Hail Hicks

Bill Hicks is probably the greatest comedian of Generation X. The only competition for that title might be Chris Rock, and both of them are automatic candidates for any top ten list of all-time-best stand-ups. Yesterday we marked the 23rd anniversary of Hicks’ death from pancreatic cancer on February 26, 1994. Of course, Hicks was [...]

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Saint George’s Day

This week we remember losing George Carlin on June 22, 2008. I’m a student of stand-up comedy — it’s been an important influence in my own performances and I have an entire library of books about comedy, comedians and funny cinema. The only thing more terrifying than walking onto a stage with only a guitar [...]

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George Carlin’s Bad for Ya

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since George Carlin won a posthumous Grammy for the album version of his last HBO Comedy Special, It’s Bad for Ya. I wasn’t able to confirm these facts, but I’m almost positive that George was the first comedian to do an HBO Comedy Special and that [...]

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Carlin’s Collage-O-Rama

For today’s art lesson the History of Cool‘s YouTube channel has this super-rare look at the one and only piece of art made by the best comedian ever, George Carlin. One can imagine George in a beret in front of a half-finished canvas or shooting an experimental short film, presaging his own forays into movies. [...]

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Carlin Comes Alive

In this great clip, the best stand-up comedian of all time — IMHO — tells the story of how he transformed from being a straight, reliable, prime time variety show comedian into a counterculture hero who took up the mantle of Lenny Bruce. Here, George Carlin talks about the ideal career he had planned and [...]

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George Carlin: Still Kickin’

Surfing the web last week, researching the history of Syria and the country’s recent civil war in anticipation of what looked like and inevitable and soon-to-come missile strike on the country by the U.S., I discovered this treasure: A great little YouTube compilation of nearly all of comedian George Carlin’s searingly satirical bits on the [...]

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