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Forever Idaho

I saw My Own Private Idaho in the theater when it was released back in 1991. I mention this because the seemingly-timeless ‘Idaho simultaneously feels like a movie of its time, and of my time. In the 1990’s Generation X took over the culture: Nirvana, Bill Hicks, Tarantino. Anna Nicole Smith brought back the bombshell, [...]

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Hail Hicks

Bill Hicks is probably the greatest comedian of Generation X. The only competition for that title might be Chris Rock, and both of them are automatic candidates for any top ten list of all-time-best stand-ups. Yesterday we marked the 23rd anniversary of Hicks’ death from pancreatic cancer on February 26, 1994. Of course, Hicks was [...]

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20 years ago, comedian Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer and the greatest comic of his generation disappeared forever. Hicks was working on a new CD when he experienced the first symptoms of the disease that would take his life. That project found Hicks mixing his stand-up with his own musical recordings to create a [...]

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George Carlin: Still Kickin’

Surfing the web last week, researching the history of Syria and the country’s recent civil war in anticipation of what looked like and inevitable and soon-to-come missile strike on the country by the U.S., I discovered this treasure: A great little YouTube compilation of nearly all of comedian George Carlin’s searingly satirical bits on the [...]

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Bill Hicks: Censored!

In October of 1993, Bill Hicks made his last appearance on Late Night with David Letterman…sort of. Hicks was a favorite comedian on Letterman’s old Late Night show and the television venue was Hicks’ most consistent national audience. After a routine taping, Hicks left New York expecting to see himself on television that night. He [...]

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