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On the Road. 60

Today I came across an article in the Independent celebrating Jack Kerouac’s On the Road at 60. I read Kerouac’s book when I was an undergrad writing my own poems and short stories, and scheming my own cross-country road trip which I actually took in 1992. Kerouac’s book, page-to-page, was both the best and worst [...]

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Kerouac’s Crash

Dennis McNally is the author of my favorite Jack Kerouac biography, Desolation Angel. I love the book because it places Kerouac’s story in the context of a creative movement that saw artists of every stripe striving for their authentic, original, individual voices. McNally invokes Monk, Cassavetes, Dean, Pollock and Brando into his universe, demonstrating that [...]

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William S. Burroughs’ Words of Advice

With the launch of the new blog design, I wanted to add a fresh new Burroughs post. WSB haunts the entirety of counter-cultural curation like the eminence gris he was often portrayed as, but, it’s important to note that Burroughs rarely portrayed himself this way. Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs On the Road is [...]

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