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Salivation Nation

Feeling a bit lost in the desert recently but not sure if I’m Christ in the desert or just a fisherman starving in a shanty, but it’s been nothing but Willem Dafoe weather around here, and even though my blog can’t keep its senses together it’s insisting upon itself. Here’s another very odd entry that [...]

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Bowie Cuts Up

The late great David Bowie made changing his artistic identity look easy by borrowing freely from every creative discipline within his reach — Bowie studied mime, played the saxophone and was well-versed in Beat Generation lit… Here Bowie demonstrates his own application of Burroughs’ and Brion Gysin’s “Cut-Up” technique… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube [...]

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Dream Machine

Recorded the 95th episode of the Coincidence Control Network podcast today. This week it was just me and Lil’ Ray, and I had some technical difficulties on my end, but I think we had a pretty good chat. I lifted some stories to talk about on the show from my Flipboard project. The last thing [...]

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Beiles And The Beats

Continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month, here are some words about South African poet Sinclair Beiles: Beiles was associated at-a-distance with the Beat Generation, but you have to get a little deeper into their mythology before you find his mark. Beiles was primarily a surrealist poet who was also known for his collaborations with [...]

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Gallery-Going with W.S.B.

Another post celebrating the William S. Burroughs centenary, this video is a fascinating document of the man himself visiting a gallery show of his own paintings on paper at Galerie Waschsalon in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, we see Burroughs accompanied by Udo Breger and Burrough’s man Friday, James Grauerholz. Breger is a writer and publisher who [...]

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William S. Burroughs’ Photographs

In a recent post I mentioned the January opening of the new photography exhibition Taking Shots: The Photography of William S. Burroughs. I’ve just received a copy of the catalog and I’m planning a review of the volume in an upcoming post or on an episode of Coincidence Control Network. In the meantime, here is [...]

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Brion Gysin Speaks

Brion Gysin is one of my favorite painters and his writing is an undervalued commodity. A counterculture fixture, Gysin is best known for his cut-up collaborations with William S. Burroughs and his role in creating the Dream Machine. Here is Gysin live in London in 1982, lecturing on the possibilities of teaching creativity. Gysin dives [...]

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William S. Burroughs’ Words of Advice

With the launch of the new blog design, I wanted to add a fresh new Burroughs post. WSB haunts the entirety of counter-cultural curation like the eminence gris he was often portrayed as, but, it’s important to note that Burroughs rarely portrayed himself this way. Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs On the Road is [...]

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RE/Searching Brion Gysin

RE/Search Publishing was founded in 1980 by V. Vale and Andrea Juno. According to the Wiki, the San Fransisco-based company was originally funded by $100 they were given by Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. This is an interesting fact as RE/Search becomes known as a magazine – eventually in book form – that celebrated Western [...]

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William Burroughs Paints Without a Gun

As many readers of these here illuminated letters surely know, the great author/Beat ghost/junky/exterminator William S. Burroughs also added the title of “painter” to his resume before his death in 1997. He began painting in his later years while living in Lawrence Kansas, but his relationship with painting and painters began much earlier. I like [...]

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