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Shutterbugs: Warhol, Burroughs, Lynch

Andy Warhol is better remembered for his paintings, and even his films, than for the hundreds of photographs he took in the last period of his career. William Burroughs’ legacy counts writing and even painting before his drawn-on photographs. David Lynch is a known cinematic genius who happens to love capturing still images of massive [...]

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Kubrick’s First Films

Ken Eakins — the fearless leader of the Coincidence Control Network podcast — and I have both been battling early fall colds and we have yet to get our latest episode edited and released. We’ve decided to reset this week and skip recording a new show so we can get the last one squared away [...]

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Future Flashing at The Framemaker

Hey everybody, As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been writing a lot of art reviews lately. ArtNowNashville is a new online journal that asked me to take a trip to Clarksville, TN to take a look at a show by student photographers from Austin Peay State University. I cranked up The Monkees and [...]

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