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Sounds of Scientology

Religion is a lot of things, but most obviously we can distinguish one sect, order, school or institution from another through their trappings: robes, candles, books, paintings, statues, gestures, poses and music. Music is central to faiths all over the world – songs are emissaries of religious stories, time capsules of historical events and they [...]

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Coincidence Control Network: File #055 – The Search for Kim

This week: We’re a man down, but hunkier than ever, America goes gaga for molly, Art bell: we hardly knew thee … on satellite, Ikea CATastrophe, Mars barred, Did you father a child at a Megadeth concert?, and William Burroughs: Scientologist. Personnel – Joe Nolan and Ken Eakins [powerpress] Links: America finally notices MDMA – [...]

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Burroughs VS Scientology

As always, I’ve been reading a bunch of books lately. One of the most interesting is a William Burroughs biography that specifically focuses in on the author’s involvement with the Church of Scientology. Most fans of The Beats know that Burroughs joined the church for a short time during which he became enamored of their [...]

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