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Cool as Cale

Back in May I wrote a bunch of posts about the 50th anniversary of the Velvet Underground’s debut album. Here’s another Velvety post, celebrating the great John Cale. Here’s the word from a recent Rolling Stone interview celebrating the anniversary… The way John Cale tells it, he had a revelation one day in the mid-Sixties. [...]

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Paradise Remembered

I’ve posted a lot on these lit-up pages about the Satanic Panic of the 1980′s and 1990′s, and I was reminded of the mass hysteria of those times this weekend when I came across an article that looked back to the classic documentary Paradise Lost. It’s hard to believe that the film is 20 years [...]

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Lou’s Clues

I dedicated one recent Halloween post to the all too real ghost of Lou Reed who died three years ago this past October, 27. I’ve had a productive week this week: I handed in a final proposal for a community arts grant; I turned in a feature story about the challenges of being homeless in [...]

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Beautiful Dreamer

Kim Fowley is dead. Los Angelino, garage rock professor, underground icon and architect of The Runaways, Kim Fowley has been ill with cancer for some time and as of tonight, he’s no longer with us. If the name Kim Fowley doesn’t immediately have your bells ringing, here’s some of his Rolling Stone obit to fill [...]

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Blondie 4(0) Ever

40 years ago Chris met Debbie — the pair fell in love and made musical history. If you need more clues than that to know that I’m telling the origin story of the band Blondie than this post is especially for you. Here’s the Wiki‘s take on Blondie: The band was a pioneer in the [...]

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Burroughs VS Scientology

As always, I’ve been reading a bunch of books lately. One of the most interesting is a William Burroughs biography that specifically focuses in on the author’s involvement with the Church of Scientology. Most fans of The Beats know that Burroughs joined the church for a short time during which he became enamored of their [...]

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Barack Obama's Stoning of Medical Marijuana

In an early episode of the Coincidence Control Network podcast, co-host Joseph Matheny and I commented on federal threats to crackdown on California’s medical marijuana dispensaries. As this new article in Rolling Stone points out, this is the kind of arrest-the-sick policy we’d grown to expect from George W. Bush, but which we never dreamed [...]

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