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After Gene Clark

Over the weekend my assistant discovered this great Irish radio documentary about singer/songwriter and former Byrd, Gene Clark. The program recounts Clark’s role as The Byrds’ greatest songwriter, and his troubled solo career which resulted in genius works like the austere White Light and the sprawling, incandescent No Other. We lost Clark 25 years ago [...]

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Hugh Hefner Lives!

Last night, I was feeling sleepy, thinking about hitting the hay. Out of nowhere my girlfriend told me that Hugh Hefner had died — she was surfing the internet on her phone. “Damn, Hugh Hefner is dead. The end of an era,” I thought. The truth is that Hugh Hefner was likely the last victim [...]

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Gram’s Day

Yesterday I was obsessing about the election, but today I’m pointing at an important something else — the birthday of Gram Parsons. The pioneering singer/songwriter married country music and rock, fusing sincere narratives, steel guitars and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Nashville, Austin and Bakersfield to the sex and drugs aesthetics of country’s ruder [...]

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