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Third Eye Find

On one hand the pineal gland is just one of the many glands that make up the body’s endocrine system, but it’s also known as the “third eye” of mystic visionary traditions in cultures across the globe — the so called “seat of the soul.” It turns out that the pineal gland is photosensitive just [...]

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Who Stoned Whom

Under the moniker Ian & Sylvia, Ian and Sylvia Tyson were a Canadian folk duo that came to occupy a central role in the folk music revival that rattled and twanged out of Bleeker Street, beyond Greenwich Village, and into the popular music charts in the early 1960′s. The pair moved to Greenwich Village where [...]

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Everyday Acid

While the news is full of the novel progress being made on the marijuana liberation front, L.S.D. is also making inroads into the mainstream via the same scientific settings where the acid was born — hell, the psychedelic substance even has its own Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the words from the Irish Examiner… A crowd funding [...]

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Gram’s Day

Yesterday I was obsessing about the election, but today I’m pointing at an important something else — the birthday of Gram Parsons. The pioneering singer/songwriter married country music and rock, fusing sincere narratives, steel guitars and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Nashville, Austin and Bakersfield to the sex and drugs aesthetics of country’s ruder [...]

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Coincidence Control Network: Episode Sexy 69

WHAT IS THIS?? A CCN RELEASED IN A TIMELY FASHION? This week: We salute the changing of the guard at DisInfo, Bad vibes in Isla-Town, Vlad the Impaler found!, Washington hippy news, Ouija boards now on the NHS, Get that vag in shape!, Soooo Normcore, Spotty Mars logic, and get your folk on with shirley [...]

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High Office

Marijuana has always had a place in the American counterculture — from the Jazz Age to the Digital Age. Nowadays, the U.S. scene is as chaotic as ever, caught in a netherworld between budding legality and the antique stranglehold of reefer madness repression. Antique Stranglehold is the name of my new band, btw… To make [...]

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Paul’s Pot

In a time when states across America are reversing decades of legislation against marijuana, and during a week when the president himself has declared the herb to be no more harmful than alcohol (even less IMOHO), it’s important to look to the past for guidance in the present. Busted four times including once for growing [...]

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Brother Seekers: Terence and Dennis McKenna

I haven’t read this new book yet, but after hearing this Coast-to-Coast interview with Dennis McKenna, I can’t wait to read The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss – Dennis’s new memoir about his psychedelic adventures with his brother Terence. Is there a more eloquent spokesperson for the psychedelic experience than Terence McKenna? For me, McKenna [...]

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Sesame Street Hustle

Hello friends, Have you ever noticed that Oscar the Grouch looks like he’s made outta weed? Seriously. Of course, I don’t think this is intentional. Frank Oz probably had a run of the green shaggy stuff laying around and the rest is history. Along with groovy music and the kind of social awareness that came [...]

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