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Cool as Cale

Back in May I wrote a bunch of posts about the 50th anniversary of the Velvet Underground’s debut album. Here’s another Velvety post, celebrating the great John Cale. Here’s the word from a recent Rolling Stone interview celebrating the anniversary… The way John Cale tells it, he had a revelation one day in the mid-Sixties. [...]

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Velvet Reunion

This weekend we opened the Pikes Project 1 exhibition at Red Arrow gallery in Nashville, capping-off about 5 months of work and organizing with a great opening reception. I recently told a reporter I hoped the show of photography, paintings and video art focusing on Nashville’s historic roadways and the communities they connect would make [...]

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Who is Tom Wilson?

I’m fascinated by the career of lesser-known music producer Tom Wilson. One reason Wilson is so fascinating is the fact that he played a central role in the development of crucial musical movements of the 1960′s, but even today’s most informed music maniacs offer only blank stares at the mention of his name. That’s why [...]

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The Velvet Underground at 45

The Velvet Underground’s self-titled third record turns 45 this year and has just been rewarded with

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MC5 on Film

For every rock band that makes it big there are a million others that disappear unnoticed. However, there is also a rock band of a third kind: A band that makes a deep, narrow mark in its time that influences musicians for decades to come. The Velvet underground is a great example of this kind [...]

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Linger On, Lou Reed

Bob Dylan brought poetry to pop music and Leonard Cohen brought pop music to poetry, but it was Lou Reed who brought the literary ambitions of the great American short story to the 3 minute single. An iconic New Yorker, Reed’s place among American rock’s most important singer/songwriters was secured through an inspired, intoxicated, cantankerous, [...]

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