Burroughs Reads Junky

Hola, amigos Junky is William S. Burroughs’ first book and also his most readable. While many readers may have already cracked the cover on this dusky treasure, I recently found a fine gem that washed up on the cyber shores of this here late night lookout. This YouTube offering is an abridged audibook version of [...]

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Where Does True Freedom Lie – Consequence and Necessity

Ahoymatey! Welcome aboard the good ship gollywog! Morning in the Old South. You can smell the smell of people smelling for the smell of the the idea of magnolias in bloom. Not yet children. One should not be impatient with the Sun. PUCK 42 Thou speak’st aright; 43 I am that merry wanderer of the [...]

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Love You Deerly

God bless us every one, What, and What Up? Here we go again – up the down ramp, in the out door, showing our faces without an invite. Might as well pour a drink and hit the buffet, we’re here now… So I woke up from disturbing dreams last night. I had been wandering through [...]

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