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Releasing KEEPER

This Saturday I’ll be at Red Arrow Gallery in East Nashville for the opening of Jodi Hays’ new painting exhibition, Keeper. The show provides an impressionistic, diaristic profile of the people and places that shape the artist’s day-to-day life in our neighborhood. I went to a soft opening for the show tonight only to find [...]

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East Side Sounds

We had a great show down at Bearded Iris Brewing on Saturday night during the Germantown Art Crawl. My pal — and our host — Tom Schreck played a short solo set before introducing us. We played some of the brand new songs I wrote in Arizona at the Sedona Summer Colony in July. We [...]

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We Talk Art

I was supposed to be doing a gallery talk with Daniel Holland at Red Arrow tonight, but the bad weather in Nashville found me on a text-go-round with the artist and the gallery last night, convincing ourselves that delaying the talk until 4:30 this Sunday afternoon was the best decision given the weather forecast. I’m [...]

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Dérive: Gallatin Pike

We don’t always appreciate the beauty we’re surrounded by during these busy days. It’s easy to overlook the strange and wonderful in our own neighborhoods, cities and local countrysides. But the truth is there are strange and compelling scenes all around us if we only have eyes to see them. Many of us who are [...]

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