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Releasing KEEPER

This Saturday I’ll be at Red Arrow Gallery in East Nashville for the opening of Jodi Hays’ new painting exhibition, Keeper. The show provides an impressionistic, diaristic profile of the people and places that shape the artist’s day-to-day life in our neighborhood. I went to a soft opening for the show tonight only to find [...]

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Fresh Bacon

For me, Irish-born British painter Francis Bacon’s work includes the whole of the practice as it had evolved up until the middle of the 20th century: his figurative canvases can carry the weight of deep narratives, but he was also a painter’s painter whose textures, colors and lines were informed with the kind of emotional [...]

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Warhol ’65

1965, 50 years ago, was a big year for Andy Warhol, the filmmaker: He met Edie Sedgwick who starred in one of his best films, that year’s Poor Little Rich Girl. He also began collaborating with Paul Morrissey who helped Warhol take his cinematic ambitions to another level. Things were going so well behind the [...]

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Gallery-Going with W.S.B.

Another post celebrating the William S. Burroughs centenary, this video is a fascinating document of the man himself visiting a gallery show of his own paintings on paper at Galerie Waschsalon in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, we see Burroughs accompanied by Udo Breger and Burrough’s man Friday, James Grauerholz. Breger is a writer and publisher who [...]

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David Lynch: Painter

While David Lynch is known for his film and television projects, he started out as a painter and has maintained a studio practice throughout his weird and wonderful career in moving images. While Lynch’s fear of being seen as a “celebrity painter” has kept him from pursuing gallery exhibitions, he’s been pleased to accept showings [...]

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William Burroughs Paints Without a Gun

As many readers of these here illuminated letters surely know, the great author/Beat ghost/junky/exterminator William S. Burroughs also added the title of “painter” to his resume before his death in 1997. He began painting in his later years while living in Lawrence Kansas, but his relationship with painting and painters began much earlier. I like [...]

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Artist. Child. Man.

What up, insomniacs? I was recently asked to review a show of painting, drawing and sculpture by Samuel Dunson. It was a great show at David Lipscomb University that closed at the end of January. One of the strongest shows I’ve seen yet this year, Dunson’s Coping Mechanisms is also the riskiest, most challenging collection [...]

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