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Cinema de la Sandra

Over the October season of horror I was watching lots of classic monsters and murder flicks and my wife and I also binged on old YouTube videos from the various Joe Bob Briggs’ movie series which featured the eponymous Joe Bob presenting films like a 1990s version of classic horror hosts of the 1960s and [...]

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Kubrick: Acid Fascist

My last Kubrick post was well-received so I’m going back to Rob Ager to share another one of his videos deconstructing the master. Ager has done lots of analysis of Kubrick’s work, and this take on A Clockwork Orange is good for October because it touches on a contemporary horror… Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where [...]

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I was running errands last week when I popped into a used book store to unload some volumes I no longer had space for. Knowing I’d get a bit of store credit back I ultimately traded my books for a handful of scary movie DVDs to watch during October. One of those movies was the [...]

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No Poe

It’s appropriate that during the month of Halloween we’re also remembering the death of Edgar Allan Poe on October 7th in 1849. But, just like one of Poe’s own detective thrillers, fans of the pioneering author are still wondering about Poe’s demise. Exotic theories abound, but my favorite explanation emerged in the 1990s: it illuminated [...]

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Scream Stream

Now that October is upon us, my movie cravings have taken a dark turn: it’s all ghosts, gore, demons, detectives, silly spooks and serious scares. If you’re like me, the Halloween season inspires fright film bingeing like no other, and Netflix is a great resource for scary streaming this time of year. In next week’s [...]

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King Crimson

For this spooky October post I found a little gem on YouTube. It claims to be the first ever television interview with Stephen King and since I couldn’t find an earlier one on the site, I’m gonna take their word for it. The interview takes place one decade into King’s career after he’s written horror [...]

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Cartoon Kubrick

Casting about for another spooky October post, this one didn’t take long. The Simpsons annual “Treehouse of Horror” episodes have become an American Halloween television tradition given the show’s ridiculously long run and the intense creativity highlighted in these seasonal creep-fests. Often, the “Treehouse” episodes are among the best of a given season and if [...]

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Kiss This

This scary October post recalls a subject many of you likely find terrifying: the career of Nicolas Cage. Cage has done a lot of cash cow trash since he won the Oscar for Leaving Lost Vegas. That said, he’s also brought the wild edge to films like Bad Lieutenant, reminding me of the strange brilliance [...]

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Cronenberg’s Brood

Beginning a month of spooky posts, we start off our October offerings with David Cronenberg’s The Brood. While the Canadian filmmaker had already established his horror cred with films like Rabid, The Brood was the first film to bring mainstream credibility to the the fantasy/horror auteur that would go on to create Scanners and Videodrome. [...]

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Sympathy for the Werewolf

I’ve been meaning to add more occult/horror-themed posts here — October is upon us and it’s time to acknowledge the darker side of these days. And if not “these days” then at least days gone by when curses and hexes struck fear into the heart, and magic was to be found in every grove, valley [...]

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