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Snakes, Meat, Sex

Unforgivable is the title of a new book that looks back on the life and works of pioneering performance artist Carolee Schneeman. I found out about the book from an article I flipped into our Flipboard magazine the other night. Here’s a bit from The Guardian… Don’t bring your underaged children or grandchildren. Don’t bring [...]

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Nashville Film Festival Part II

The following post includes reviews of three documentaries I screened before this year’s Nashville Film Festival. All three films are social issue documentaries that I wrote up in Nashville’s street newspaper, The Contributor. For non-locals the street paper is written and sold by Nashville’s homeless community and includes selections from freelancers like myself as well [...]

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Prisoners of Gravity

Taking a break from our spooky October posts here at the end of the month — we’ll let today’s merrymaking bring its own hard-earned scares — here’s a great little show from Canadian television that I stumbled upon the other day. Prisoners of Gravity was an interview show disguised as a pirate broadcast, covering all [...]

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Coincidence Control Network: Episode 75

Sorry for the delay this week kids. I (the all seeing Ken), have been stricken with evil germs. What are you going to do uh? This week: I actually don’t know…it’s all in American…But I think they talk about Black Eyed kids again…or was it the black eyed peas?, Something about Pigeons being terrorists?, How [...]

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