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RAW on Crowley

I came across a post on the Lashtal site this weekend — BBC 4 is playing a series about the Summer of Love and the first episode featured two mentions of Aleister Crowley. I found the documentary’s trailer online, but couldn’t manage to find the full episode. I’ll keep and eye open for it, but [...]

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Sunshine Supermen

I just watched the The Sunshine Makers documentary. The 2015 flick tells the story of two idealistic young men in the 1960′s. The pair couldn’t be more different, but they both shared a common goal: to manufacture and distribute a massive amount of LSD, thoroughly convinced that the insights provided by the drug would create [...]

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Buk Toons

For some reason the fall always seems like the most poetic season — the best season for writing and reading verse. I think it has something to do with darkness. I think it has something to do with the cold and the damp that begins to creep into the coming Southern winter. I think it [...]

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Boss Bruce

Yesterday’s post celebrated the David Lynch film Blue Velvet‘s 30th anniversary, but today I wanted to take a second to note that 2016 also marks the 45th anniversary of Fists of Fury — the Bruce Lee action film originally titled The Big Boss when it was released overseas in 1971. The movie was the first [...]

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Dune 50

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the novel Dune. I’ve been following the remembrances the book is getting in the form of online articles and new releases, and I wanted to share a couple of recent favorite discoveries connected to Dune‘s half-century birthday. The Folio Society has released a gorgeous version of Dune [...]

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Hash It Out With Terence McKenna

I tried to find a nifty, timely reason for posting this sweet YouTube discovery, but I’m coming up blank. Fact is, I was just screwing around online when I came across this playlist of Terence McKenna reading Fitz Hugh Ludlow’s “The Hash Eater.” “Reading” doesn’t really capture what McKenna does here: fans of the man [...]

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James Dean ’76

I don’t have cable. Not only does this mean I nearly never watch sports at home, it also means I’m often tuned into the strange wonders that can be found channel surfing over-the-air digital television. My girlfriend calls it a new “Wild West Golden Age of Television for Weirdos Everywhere.” She’s on to something. Tonight, [...]

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King Crimson

For this spooky October post I found a little gem on YouTube. It claims to be the first ever television interview with Stephen King and since I couldn’t find an earlier one on the site, I’m gonna take their word for it. The interview takes place one decade into King’s career after he’s written horror [...]

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Even as the internet and digital technology drag us inexorably into a faster-moving future, the wake of virtual living stirs up artifacts from the past, recontextualizing them in the frantic now. One of the best places to find the newly-turned-over flotsam and jetsam of yesteryear is on YouTube where you can watch every episode of [...]

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