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Jaynes Says

The Guardian recently posted their “Top Ten books about consciousness” list. Before I read the article I thought up this personal, spontaneous list of my own. In no particular order… Siddhartha Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Hagakure Sun and Steel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Jonathan Livingston Seagull The [...]

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Silvia Spring

he poet at the beginning of her process. Here’s the word… The first poem revealed, “To a Refractory Santa Claus,” is about Spain and “consists of two 11-line verses and pleads for escape from the cruelties of an English winter to the fresh fruit and sunshine of warmer climes,” according to The Guardian. The next [...]

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Looking for Richard

This spring we mark 50 years since we lost Richard Fariña in a tragic motorcycle accident on April 30, 1966. The author of this great article at The Guardian assumes most readers will be familiar with Fariña as a literary figure who wrote the novel Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me [...]

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Serious Clown

What happens when you add up every man who’s ever walked on the moon? You count more men than have ever been knighted to officially don the red wig and play the part of the clown, Ronald McDonald. In this surreal documentary, one former Ronald shows us just how hard it can be to escape [...]

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Prisoners of Gravity

Taking a break from our spooky October posts here at the end of the month — we’ll let today’s merrymaking bring its own hard-earned scares — here’s a great little show from Canadian television that I stumbled upon the other day. Prisoners of Gravity was an interview show disguised as a pirate broadcast, covering all [...]

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