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Painting America: 1940-1970

Filmmaker, Emile de Antonio is a counterculture hero who helped to distribute the classic Beat film Pull My Daisy, shot the classic JFK assassination documentary Rush to Judgement and got smashed to the gills for his appearance in Andy Warhol’s experimental film Drink. One of my favorite de Antonio flicks is a classic art documentary [...]

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Celebrating Frank O'Hara

Frank O’Hara would’ve turned 87 in March if he hadn’t been hit by a dune buggy on Fire Island in 1966. O’Hara was a category straddling artist who wouldn’t be boxed-in by the preconceived boundaries that separated – and continue to separate – artists and the people who organize and comment on their work. O’Hara [...]

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Paul McCarthy's "The Painter"

The internet has become an eternal shore for moving images of all kinds. A nimble search with creative keywords will almost always reveal compelling films and television episodes washing up in the hightidewhitenoise.┬áRecently, we’ve been turning up a number of great art videos as well. Quite by accident we just stumbled across this gem by [...]

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