Spend a Day with HST

I couldn’t find a date on this AP article (above) which chronicles a day in the life – and in the cups – with Hunter S. Thompson. His love of Chivas on full display, Thompson also stresses the importance of a big breakfast – what else would one expect from a proud son of the [...]

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Man and Manifesto

Hello, I pulled on a red hoodie sweatshirt and headed for an annual Halloween celebration at a house down the street from my apartment. This was a few years ago and even though it was after dark, I was wearing a pair of black sunglasses. Arriving a the fete, I found myself surrounded by monsters [...]

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Download OccupySong!

What up, peeps? Happy New Year to you one and all. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter and Coincidence Control Network may already be hip to this jive, but I’ve become fairly occupied with OWS/OccupyNashville in the past several months. I’ve attended numerous GA’s and have joined in with the People’s [...]

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Life with Keith Richards

Inside the dust jacket of his new book, Keith Richards has left an inscription: “This is the Life. Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten any of it. Thanks and praises, Keith Richards” Perhaps the most highly-anticipated rock autobiography ever, Life is the most detailed account we have yet of the life of the legendary [...]

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Donald Cammell: Performance of a Lifetime

Even if you are a die-hard fan of outre, counter-cultural cinema, you might not leap to attention at the mention of the name Donald Cammell. A painting prodigy as a young man, Cammell was making a living with his brushes by the age of 19. Having built the foundations of a lucrative portrait painting career, [...]

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Paul McCarthy's "The Painter"

The internet has become an eternal shore for moving images of all kinds. A nimble search with creative keywords will almost always reveal compelling films and television episodes washing up in the hightidewhitenoise.┬áRecently, we’ve been turning up a number of great art videos as well. Quite by accident we just stumbled across this gem by [...]

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Phone Booth Knife Fight

Bon soir, mes amis. PHONE BOOTH KNIFE FIGHT phone booth knife fight knife booth phone fight booth knife phone fight knife fight booth phone knife phone fight booth booth phone knife fight booth fight phone knife phone booth fight knife fight knife booth phone booth phone fight knife fight knife phone booth fight booth knife [...]

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Brion Gysin Gets to Work

Good evening, readers. The wonderful Brion Gysin was a writer, painter, filmmaker and restaurateur. He was a friend and collaborator to William S. Burroughs. Burroughs said of Gysin, “He was the only man I have ever respected.” If you are a frequent reader of these posts, you are no doubt already familiar with Gysin. However, [...]

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Job Hunter (S. Thompson)

Ciao amigos. Ever wonder how to write the perfect cover letter? A great resume can be important to your job search, but a killer cover letter can make – or break – the best first impression. Hey, I’ve got an idea, why not turn to a level-headed, trustworthy hero of professionalism for some advice? Ladies [...]

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Picturing a Revolution

Bonjour Mes Amis, As always, I’ve been staying up late and fishing the ‘net for the flashing, magical treasures you’ve come to expect from our sleepless trollings on this sea of dreams. My latest find is a film called KORDAVISION: The Man Who Shot Che Guevara. Having read a number of books about and by [...]

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