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LOTR: Bakshi VS Jackson

1978 was an amazing year for films — especially horror movies. I’m stoked about posting a whole plethora of monstrous missives in October’s lead-up to Halloween. But tonight I’m in the mood for fantasy and I wanted to share this kick ass mash-up I recently added to my YouTube channel. While you’re likely at least [...]

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Light Years

Keeping with yesterday’s Gen-X cult film post, here’s a French cartoon from 1988. Gandahar is an adult sci-fi adventure that finds the peaceful people of planet Gandahar teaming-up with a deformed race of mutants in order to defeat the mechanized menace of the Men of Metal This gem is a must-watch for fans of Heavy [...]

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Vintage John Lennon Cartoon

Recently, I was browsing through stories via Flipboard and I came across this delightful piece about a vintage animated short film based on John Lennon’s instantly recognizable cartoon doodles. Here’s a bit from the Brain Pickings site… …six years after the beloved Beatle‚Äôs assassination, Ono commissioned independent animator John Canemaker to create a short animated [...]

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Even as the internet and digital technology drag us inexorably into a faster-moving future, the wake of virtual living stirs up artifacts from the past, recontextualizing them in the frantic now. One of the best places to find the newly-turned-over flotsam and jetsam of yesteryear is on YouTube where you can watch every episode of [...]

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War and Tulips

George Pal’s Tulips Shall Grow was released in 1942. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Cartoons this stop-action masterpiece is about the enduring love between a Dutch boy and girl who face the invasion of their idyllic homeland by The Screwballs: A race of mechanical men who threaten to destroy everything in [...]

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