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Good Witch

If you live in Nashville and you’re planning to see a movie over the weekend pick up a copy of The Contributor and read my review of a fascinating new film called The Witch. Here are a few of my thoughts… Winter is a notoriously slow season for cinema — studios are busy promoting last [...]

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Seeing Colors

Spike Lee’s controversial new film, Chi-Raq shines a spotlight on the out of control gang violence in Chicago. In 1988, Dennis Hopper similarly pointed a camera at the gang violence in his own Los Angeles backyard. Hopper’s film Colors was a gritty-for-the-time cop drama starring Robert Duvall and Sean Penn, but its most important contribution [...]

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King of the Witches

So odd to think it’s nearly December. I’m not sure what happened to October and have no idea where November went to. I still have a bunch of scary movie post ideas leftover from October. It doesn’t make much sense to post them at this point so I suppose I’ll hold ‘em for a year. [...]

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Huey and Me

Yesterday’s post about John Sinclair seemed to get mostly ignored until I ran to the grocery store to get soup and juice and medicine and vodka — I’m almost over the cold my girlfriend has so now I’m the one making the grocery runs. While searching for just the right chicken and dumpling soup and [...]

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Bukowski: On Writing

I try to do all of my writing during the week. Songs I’ll write anytime. Poems anytime. But everything else gets pushed away at least once a week. It seems I’m always editing something or getting a blog post together by Sunday evening, but mostly, during the weekends, words are for reading. Nowadays that means [...]

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Holy Mountain Architect

You might not recognize the name Luis Barragán, but any student of counterculture and edgy film will recognize the great master’s work. The architect’s monumental sculptures play a key role in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s epic The Holy Mountain though most viewers might assume they are looking at stage sets. Here’s some Wiki… The Torres de Satélite [...]

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Saint Martin’s Day

This week, we celebrate Martin Scorsese’s 72nd birthday (November 17, 1942). Obviously, Scorsese is one of my favorite directors, and the filmmaker who cracked my head open with Raging Bull, showing me the difference between movies and cinema just as The Old Man and the Sea revealed to me the difference between literature and a [...]

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Medium Cool at 45

“Beyond the age of innocence…into the age of awareness,” read the caption at the top of Medium Cool‘s stylized poster when the film was released 45 years ago in 1969. The line is telling in that it speaks to the real-life events at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago that are captured in the film. [...]

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Purple Rain at 30

Purple Rain — the record and the film — came out thirty years ago this month and Prince recently reunited with Apollonia to celebrate the date. Prince was a musical prodigy who transformed himself from “the new Stevie Wonder” into a genre blurring phenom who had as much impact on the culture of the 1980′s [...]

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Carlin’s Collage-O-Rama

For today’s art lesson the History of Cool‘s YouTube channel has this super-rare look at the one and only piece of art made by the best comedian ever, George Carlin. One can imagine George in a beret in front of a half-finished canvas or shooting an experimental short film, presaging his own forays into movies. [...]

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