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Happy Birthday, Syd Barrett

The legend of Syd Barrett continues to haunt the music of Pink Floyd and all rock that sounds remotely psychedelic. Today would’ve been Barrett’s 67th birthday if not for his untimely death in July of 2006. In honor of the legend and the man, here’s a fascinating excerpt from a remembrance in The Independent recalling [...]

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Adrian Pride: Psychedeverly

Last night we lost Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers, ending one of rock music’s greatest duos forever. It’s always a big blow when a band loses a member, but when you’re talking about two brothers who sang together all of their lives, it’s a regretful coup de grace. Phil’s death is a sad occasion, [...]

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Psychedelic All-Star Team

The Avengers, the Justice League, the X-Men, the Village People — everybody loves an all-star team. We can’t imagine a world without Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben in cahoots, and it should come as no surprise that the same yearning to join forces with the best of one’s peers would find its expression in the [...]

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The Crazy World of Mondo Hollywood

I just uncovered this forgotten gem at Snag Films and it’s obviously a perfect film for Insomnia. I started to write some comments, but the words at the Snag site had me laughing so hard that I’m just going to lift them directly. Here’s skinny on the flick from Snag Films: The underground cult classic [...]

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Brother Seekers: Terence and Dennis McKenna

I haven’t read this new book yet, but after hearing this Coast-to-Coast interview with Dennis McKenna, I can’t wait to read The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss – Dennis’s new memoir about his psychedelic adventures with his brother Terence. Is there a more eloquent spokesperson for the psychedelic experience than Terence McKenna? For me, McKenna [...]

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Satty's Bohemian Palace

Readers who are familiar with the artist Satty may have discovered his work the way I did – leafing through the pages of Terence McKenna’s The Archaic Revival, delighting in the mystery and psychedelic weirdness of Satty’s collages which illustrate that volume. A talented and troubled artist who became a fixture in the underground poster [...]

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The Devil and Ken Russell

A flamboyant director whose early career as a pioneering creator of television programming foreshadowed a controversial foray into feature films, Ken Russell died last November at the age of 84. Russell had a penchant for taking sexual and religious themes head-on and he courted controversy with every film. His over-the-top production style was declared pretentious [...]

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